New president supports selling beer at Texas football games


Greg Fenves, the president of the University of Texas, center, talks with students. (University of Texas)

Paighten Harkins

Associated Press

AUSTIN Longhorns fan may soon have beer at football games after University of Texas President Greg Fenves vouched his support for sales.
Fenves said he is in favor of allowing beer sales at football games to enhance the fan experience.
Texas began selling beer at other athletic events at the urging of athletic director Steve Patterson in 2014, but it was not allowed at football games.
Fenves took over the presidency Wednesday. In his first news conference, Fenves said school officials have studied beer sales and found no security problems at other events.
The plan would still need approval by University of Texas System Chancellor William McRaven, and it would likely be voted on by the board of regents. McRaven’s predecessor, Francisco Cigarroa, had opposed beer sales.

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