Sen. Ted Cruz speaks out on George Floyd case

US Sen. Ted Cruz says the death of George Floyd is ‘clearly police brutality.’


Sen. Ted Cruz portrait
Sen. Ted Cruz poses for a photo. Cruz recently commented on the death of George Floyd, calling it “clearly police brutality.”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz this weekend said the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis black man, is “clearly police brutality.”

“It’s horrific, and it starts with a horrific act of police brutality,” the state’s junior GOP senator said on Fox News on Sunday evening. “You know, anytime you have a police officer-involved shooting, the media oftentimes goes into a frenzy. And there is an immediate demonization and attack of the police officers, and I think that’s wrong, and I think it’s premature.”

“That being said, in this instance, we have a video of the incident, and we can see with Mr. Floyd, the officer with his knee on his neck for eight minutes,” he continued. “Mr. Floyd has handcuffs. He’s clearly incapacitated. He’s begging for his life, and what we saw was wrong.”

In the Fox interview, however, Cruz expressed disapproval of what he described as “this violence and this rioting” by some protesters over the weekend.

“You have a lot of demagogues that want to use this incident of clear abuse by one police officer, and they want to use it to paint every police officer as corrupt and racist,” he said.

“And most police officers heroically risk their lives to protect the communities they’re in, often minority communities,” he added. “And for everyone that is stirring up racial division and engaging in violence and looting, that is completely unacceptable.”

Read the original article in the Texas Tribune.

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