Hungarians protest over Orban’s planned seizure


JOHN THYS/Associated Press

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrives for an EU summit in Brussels, Tuesday, May 28, 2019. European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels to haggle over who should lead the 28-nation bloc’s key institutions for the next five years after weekend elections shook up Europe’s political landscape.


BUDAPEST, Hungary — A few thousand academics and students held a protest march against a plan by Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government to seize control of the research network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Critics say the government plan threatens academic freedom and autonomous scientific research in Hungary, a “de facto nationalization of the academy’s property,” which would put scientific research under close government scrutiny.
The government, which held several rounds of unsuccessful talks with the academy, said its wants to improve innovation in scientific research and have publicly funded research projects that create “direct economic profit.”

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