Yellow paint stains Maryland Highway, causes massive traffic backup


A photo of U.S. route 30 in Oregon. (Flickr user Curtis Perry / Flickr)

Maggie McVey

Associated Press

HANCOCK, Maryland Yellow means slow on Interstate 68 in western Maryland, where crews are cleaning up 6,500 gallons of spilled paint.

The Maryland State Highway Administration said Thursday that the cleanup will continue at least through Saturday night.

The agency said one westbound lane will be closed during daylight hours so workers can scrape the road and replace the guard rail.

State police said the driver of a tractor-trailer was texting on a cellphone when he lost control of the vehicle Wednesday evening, overturning his truck and causing plastic barrels of white and yellow paint to fall and break.

Both westbound lanes were closed for nearly 12 hours overnight, backing up traffic for up to 2 miles.

The wreck was reported shortly after 6 p.m. Wednesday.

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