Elon Musk to ban remote work at Tesla, SpaceX

OWEN HENDERSON, Southwest Journalist

AUSTIN, Texas — Elon Musk is demanding his employees at SpaceX and Tesla stop working from home and spend at least 40 hours in-person at a “main” office.

In a memo sent to workers at Tesla — which is headquartered in Austin, Texas — Musk laid out the new policy and said anyone who did not meet these criteria could not work at the company. The email was later leaked on Twitter.


In a tweet replying to the leak, Musk said anyone who didn’t want to abide by his new rules “should pretend to work somewhere else.”

According to reporting by The New York Times, two people who have worked with Musk say it’s unclear whether he would follow these requirements himself as he is often traveling and rarely in the office. 

Though Musk is closing a deal to buy Twitter, a Twitter spokesperson said the company has no plans to change its current flexible work policy.

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