Namibia tribal chiefs accept German compensation for 1904 genocide (Video)

Some Namibian tribal chiefs accepted Gemany’s $1.3 billion compensation for the colonial genocide from 1904-1908.


MICHAEL SOHN/Associated Press

Skulls of Ovaherero and Nama people are displayed during a devotion attended by representatives of the tribes from Namibia in Berlin, Germany. Germany has reached an agreement with Namibia that will see it officially recognize as genocide the colonial-era killings of tens of thousands of people.

Associated Press

WINDHOEK, Namibia — A group of traditional chiefs in Namibia have accepted an offer of compensation by Germany and a recognition that the colonial-era massacre of tens of thousands of their people in the early 20th century was genocide.

Germany pledged last week to give $1.3 billion over a 30-year period for projects to help communities of people descended from those killed between 1904 and 1908, when Germany ruled the southern African country. Germany asked the victims for forgiveness, in a statement by the foreign minister.

The chiefs accepted the offer but said it could still be improved through further negotiations.

Other traditional chiefs have rejected the offer, and say they want around $590 billion paid over 40 years, and pension funds for affected communities.

They say that about 65,000 of the Herero were killed, as were at least 10,000 Nama people.

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